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We have unique food tours in Vancouver and Victoria, BC. Our food tours celebrate the culinary culture of Canada and the local community. Our tours combine food & beverages with stories, history, and personality. We strive to provide our guests with a unique and delicious experience.

The Opportunity: Culinary Tour Guides 2018

We are seeking passionate and knowledgeable culinary tour guides to join our team.  The position is part-time/on-call with strong potential for growth. Think you’re right for the job?  Here’s what we’re looking for:

• Passion for food and local food culture a MUST

• Knowledge of local food scene

• Ability to command and captivate a crowd and lead a tour from 2-12 people

• Be 100% responsible for a positive and memorable experience for each and every guest

• Captivating storytelling and sales abilities

• Outstanding customer service skills

• Skilled conversationalist

• Clean and professional appearance

• Positive and enthusiastic attitude

• Acute time management skills

• Ability to project your voice in loud spaces

• Professional and approach to your work

• Respect for all peoples and empathy

• Punctuality and reliability a MUST

• Ability to think on your feet.


How to apply

1.    Email a PDF or Word document of your resume along with a cover letter. In your cover letter show us a little personality! Tell us:

• Why you’ll make the perfect culinary tour guide

• Describe your favorite local food/beverage haunts and why

• Any previous guide experience


2. Submit your application to info@offtheeatentracktours.ca. Specify what city you are interested in applying

for (Vancouver, Victoria, or Banff). Must currently live in the city of interest.


Current Jobs Available:

1. Part-time tour guide for Vancouver
Start Date: April 2018
2. Part-time Tour guide for Victoria
Start Date: May, 2018

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